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Since the start in 2011, World of Shape has helped over 50.000 people lose weight and get in shape in just 30 days - now it's your turn!


BODY-SHAPE BY LENA is the program for those who want to get a "kick start" on fat burning, weight loss and have limited time. Tight & Light! You strengthen, build and balance your body for maximum results and posture.

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BUTT-BLASTER is a 22,5 minute program that is for you who want to train effectively, want to focus on getting firmer buttocks, tighter thighs and a flatter stomach.


CROSS-SHAPE 28 is an intensive program for you who have trained before and do not have much time and want maximum fat burning. 1-5 minutes: Warm up at a leisurely pace. 6-23 minutes: The training phase where all exercises are done at maximum pace.


EZE-WALKING is for you who like to walk, want to get fitter, increase your well-being and lose a few kilos in weight. You strengthen your body with minimal strain for maximum results.

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FITNESSFIGHTEN is our most popular program and is for you who want to get a "kickstart" on fat burning, weight loss and firmer body. Same program as Kick-Start 30 but here you train 60 minutes instead of 30.

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The FITNESS FIGHT CHALLENGE that starts on September 1 is for you who like challenges, want to get in shape, get quick and visible results in just 30 days and be able to win 1 year of training for you and your friend, value SEK 2.800.

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FITNESS-XPRESS is suitable for you who do not train, train a little or have difficulty getting started! You train 45 minutes a day for 30 days. There are new exercises every day and in total you get 66 different strength, cardio and high-intensity exercises.


KICK-START 30 is the program for you who want to get a "kickstart" on fat burning and weight loss and do not have much time. You train 30 minutes a day where you gain strength and balance your body for maximum results and posture.

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MAMMA-SHAPE is specially developed for you who are pregnant or have given birth. The exercises are easy to perform and very effective. It is a mixture of strength exercises and short cardio sessions. The first few days we start calmly so your body get used to the exercises.


RUN-4-FUN is the program for you who like to run / jog and want to lose a few kilos. Run-4-Fun is an effective way for you to get started quickly and get results.

Summer shape


With SUMMER-SHAPE, you combine walking with exercises that give you a stylish, athletic posture and increased fat burning. You can do all the exercises at home in just 2 x 2 m2 - you don't need a gym card or exercise machines, just a pair of dumbbells. Perfect for the holidays!

Wo's Golf


WOS GOLF is the program for you who want to improve your physical opportunities to become a better golfer. It is perfect for you who are a beginner or intermediate golfer and want to lower your hcp by increasing your basic strength and mobility / agility! Recommended by Oscar Stark, European Tour & Challenge Tour player.

Yoga Shape


YOGA-SHAPE is for you who want to get increased mobility and flexibility, learn to relax and reduce stress, increased torso stability and better balance while losing weight.

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BIG & STRONG is the gym program for you who want to get bigger, more visible and harder muscles. You work out at the gym with gym machines. The pass is about 60 minutes long.


SLIM & TONE is the gym program for those who want to get a kick start on fat burning and weight loss. Suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight, increase muscle mass, get stronger in the body and get a flat stomach in 30 days.



With FOOD-IN-SHAPE, you do not need to exercise to lose weight. The diet is about 70-75% of the weight loss, the rest is exercise. So you have a hard time getting started, maybe have injuries or pain when you perform a physical activity, BUT still want to lose weight, well then you should choose Food-in-Shape!

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