One serving:
1 pc - (2 pcs) - eggs
2 pcs - (3 pcs) - egg white
1 tbsp - (1 tbsp) - water
1 tsp - (1 tsp) - oil
50 g - (50 g) - cold, boiled potatoes *
paprika powder
black pepper
1 pc - (2 pcs) - slice of crispbread, eg Wasa Husman **
45 g - (75 g) - lean ham or turkey, max 3% fat
25 g - (25 g) - arugula or fresh spinach
* If you do not have potatoes, you can make a natural omelette and add a slice of crispbread
** A slice weighs 12 grams. Can be exchanged for other crispbread, the same amount.

Remove egg whites from egg yolks, which should not be used in the recipe. 
Whisk the whole egg with egg whites, spices and water. Put aside.
Measure out and slice the potatoes.
Heat the oil with a splash of water in a Teflon pan over medium heat.
Add the potato slices, brown lightly and season.
Pour over the egg batter and poke around a bit so that the batter and potatoes are evenly distributed.
Fold the omelette like a crescent or roll and place it on a plate.
Decorate with spinach, if desired.
Place the crispbread on the plate with the ham and arugula. 

2 kcal: Follow the recipe but use the units of measure in parentheses.
Lactose free: The recipe is lactose free.
Vegetarian: Replace the ham with the same amount of Quorn Vegan Slices. Eggs can be exchanged for vegan alternatives.

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