Rectal diastasis (Diastasis Recti) - split abdominal muscles after pregnancy. As the abdomen grows during a pregnancy, the distance between the straight abdominal muscles increases. After childbirth, the abdominal muscles begin to contract again. Rectus diastasis (split abdominal muscles after pregnancy) means that the muscles do not heal on their own and contract sufficiently. It can cause pain and discomfort.

What causes rectal diastasis?

There are several causes of rectal diastasis. Most people who get it are women who have been pregnant and given birth to one or more children. You can also get rectal diastasis after a sharp weight change. Split abdominal muscles can be hereditary.


Surgery may be necessary if you have particularly severe problems with rectal diastasis. During an operation, the split abdominal muscles are sewn together. To be eligible for surgery, you must have specific problems with a functional impact that can be linked to diastasis. You must also first have completed a specific exercise program and not intend to give birth to more children. 

How should I train?

It is important to exercise if you have rectal diastasis. Focus on so-called core exercises. These are exercises that strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor, back, buttocks, abdomen and thighs.

It is important to activate the pelvic floor in connection with all abdominal muscle training. So start with pelvic floor exercises, before you start with static training of the abdominal deep abdominal muscle and the oblique abdominal muscles, for example oblique situps.

Is Rectus Diastasis (Diastasis Recti, split abdominal muscles after pregnancy) dangerous during exercise?

It is not dangerous to train the straight abdominal muscles in rectal diastasis. However, it is not as functional because that type of exercise is difficult to perform when the straight abdominal muscles have been pushed to the sides. Make sure that the stomach remains flat and does not bulge outwards during the exercises.

Gradually, you can start with more strenuous training, for example different variants of situps on the floor or with the help of different tools. To begin with, you can hold the straight abdominal muscles together with the help of a sheet during exercise.

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