“I really needed new inspiration and, above all, motivation to really take up my training again!

I received advice about signing up for Fitnessfighten/World of Shape and thought I had to try it! I'm so glad I did, because even though I've had some setbacks along the way, I now feel like I'm at least well on my way to my goal - this start was just what I needed!

The best thing of all has probably been that I have been able to eat "normal" food, the only difference has been that I have had to think twice to make sure that I ate the right amount. At first I thought weighing and measuring food seemed difficult, until I realized how quickly I had learned it by heart.

The training plan is good and easy to understand, which felt great even though I have trained a lot before. Obviously, this worked better than any other workout, so I can't be more than thrilled!

This was the best method for me to get rid of those last few mommy pounds that just wouldn't go away! If you want, you can and it actually works.

Would like to inspire other new mothers to use your method precisely because it is so gentle but at the same time effective : )

Thank you so much for showing me the way back on the right track, now it's just a matter of continuing!”

My results in just 30 days:
Weight: -5 kg
Waist: -11 cm
Resting heart rate: -15 beats / minute

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