Weight: -7 kg
Waist measurement: -9 cm
Resting heart rate: -11 beats / minute

“It is really fantastic what you can do with your body in such a short time, by training and giving your body the food it needs and feels good about.

My body feels much better from this diet and way of eating so I will continue with it. I also enjoy more of the food now than before and of what I get to eat. The food actually tastes better than it did before.

The craving for sweets disappeared after a week and the headache as I felt with it as well. Very nice to get rid of that addiction. I thought it was hard the first 3-5 days, after that it has not been hard at all.

It is a wonderful feeling with a strong and functional body in everyday life. What used to feel heavy now feels very light!

Training with World of Shape is a real investment in yourself. I think you should give yourself and your body this gift. I now thrive in my body and feel good again. A win among many other wins thanks to this trip.

In conclusion, I can really recommend everyone to run a 30-day challenge with them! ”

My results during this trip were:
❤️ Minus 7,1 kg
❤️ 9 cm smaller waist measurement
❤️ 11 beats lower resting heart rate
❤️ Better condition
❤️ Lower fat percentage
❤️ Increased muscle mass
❤️ Smoother blood sugar
❤️ The previous craving for sweets has disappeared
❤️ Feeling stronger, faster, lighter, happier and more alert and generally increased well-being
❤️ I get a place in my old clothes again

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