For only SEK 299, you get hundreds of low-calorie, easy-to-prepare and good recipes, 18 effective home training programs, support from our trained PTs and daily inspiration and pepper mail. It is an unbeatable combination for maximum weight loss and results, both short-term and long-term.



Over 50.000 people have already had results with us and the best lose up to 10% of their body weight in just 30 days.


You get 250 effective and fat-burning exercises in video format that are easy to perform at home on only 2 × 2 m2. No expensive gym cards or exercise machines needed - just a pair of dumbbells.


You get ready-made diet programs and weekly menus with weekly planning, shopping list and recipes that are based on only healthy food for today's all goals and the whole family.


Is there something you are wondering about or want an answer to? Our trained PT:s answer all your questions.

Karin: “Thank you for the help - you have a fantastic fast and good support! You always get an answer or help quickly and always in a happy and pleasant way - you should be praised for that! ”

"I think the concept is very good, especially the diet that has made a big difference for me."

“Such simple training, even I who am so lazy can do it. Easy training for everyone. ”

"I really like World of Shape and will definitely recommend you."

"The concept is great, effective training, well-thought-out dietary advice."

“I could train according to my own conditions. "

"I got fast results as the training is effective and easy to follow."

"Tasty recipes, effective training and great variety - World of Shape really gives visible results."





Why is World of Shape so successful and effective?

World of Shape's unique training method aims to give you maximum fat burning, weight loss, improve posture, relieve pain in the neck and shoulders, increase mobility, develop body control and strengthen the body's central muscles.

Our unique training method is based on a good posture and that you perform the movements exactly and according to instructions, which our pedagogical training videos enable.

When you train one of our programs, you not only strengthen the body and prevent injuries, you also get visible and direct results.

You also lower the fat percentage, get a flatter stomach, narrower waist and harder butt. In addition, you improve your fitness and increase your performance. The best lose about 10% of their body weight in just 30 days!

Our ambition is simply to help you get good results and live a healthier life!

With us, you get both effective training and a healthy diet. It is an unbeatable and healthy combination for maximum results and the best way to get both short- and long-term results.


Which programs are most effective and which I get the fastest / best results from?

All our programs are very effective! We recommend Cross-Shape 28 and Fitnessfighten if you want to quickly lose weight that contains the most cardio of all programs.

How does food affect my results?

Food is most important in terms of weight loss. About 70% of your results you get from the right diet. That is why we have carefully selected and already calculated recipes that are low in calories and useful.

What do the programs cost?

Only SEK 295!

How good results can I get with your training method?

Our participants get fantastic results!

Those who get the best results with us lose about 10% of their body weight in just 30 days.

Can I change programs?

You can change programs when, how often you want and train several at the same time.

Which program suits me best?

It all depends on what goals you have and how much you have trained before. We have programs for everyone so just contact us or via the chat at the bottom left if you are unsure.

Which program is most gentle?

Mamma-Shape and Eze-Walking are our most gentle programs that we recommend and suit everyone if you can not run / jump, have / had herniated discs and similar problems, or recently had children.

Can all family members eat according to our recommended dietary guidelines?

Of course everyone can! We recommend healthy food that can be bought in "regular" grocery stores and can be eaten by all family members who usually eat a "normal" diet. You just make more servings of the recipe you choose.

I am a vegetarian, gluten / lactose intolerant, can I get a diet program for that?

You get ready-made menus, diet schedules, shopping lists (one for each week) and lots of low-calorie and easy-to-prepare recipes, for a Normal, Lactose-free or Vegetarian diet.

For those who are gluten intolerant: Pasta is gluten-free in the shops and there is also cauliflower rice, zucchini pasta, bean paste in the shops.

Instead of wheat flour or rye flour, you can use buckwheat flour or other gluten-free flour such as coconut flour e.g.

Instead of oatmeal, you can make porridge on buckwheat porridge, quinoa porridge or buy gluten-free oatmeal.

Crispbread is also available to buy gluten-free in the store.

How should I see my training and what goals should I have?

You should see your training both short- and long-term. Short-term when you start with 30 days of training with us who deliver good results.

Long-term for you, after your first 30 days, to set new personal goals according to what future results you want and choose one of our effective continuation programs.

I do not want to lose weight but increase muscle mass / get firmer, does it work with your programs?

Absolutely! Then just add a few kcal / day. Let us know about you when you sign up, and we will help you!

How soon after my pregnancy can I start the Mamma-Shape program?

We recommend that you have been checked by the doctor / midwife and received permission to exercise before you start.

We have good experiences of helping many mothers with the help they need.

If you are breastfeeding, you need about 400-500 kcal extra per day to cover your and the baby's nutritional needs.

You can, for example, double all snacks, including the evening meal, or eat an extra egg for breakfast and replace one of the snacks with another breakfast.

Another way is to eat according to the boys' diet plan, but skip the last snack.

Just make sure you still eat about every three hours.

I have pain in my shoulders / back / knees, can the programs be adapted?

Absolutely! You always train according to your own ability.

Mamma-Shape and Eze-Walking are otherwise our most gentle programs that we recommend if you can not run / jump, have / had herniated discs and similar problems, or recently had children.

Can I be under 18 and train with you?

Yes, both our exercise and diet programs can also be used by you who are under 18 years old.

However, we need your parents' consent, which you email us at before you sign up.

Can I deduct your training as wellness?

Sure you can!

You can use the receipt you receive from us or give it to your employer.

In addition, you can buy our programs through Wellnet, ActiWay, ePassi or if you have Wellness Coupons. Read more here!

Feel free to contact us, and we will help you!

When does my program start?

Immediately after completed purchase for best results!


Get in shape now with a flatter stomach, firmer thighs and get the results you always wanted.


You get hundreds of already calculated and useful recipes that are made for maximum weight loss.

world of shape

FITNESS-XPRESS suitable for you who do not train, train a little or have difficulty getting started! You train 45 minutes a day for 30 days. There are new exercises every day and in total you get 66 different strength, cardio and high-intensity exercises.

KICK-START 30 is the program for you who want to get a "kickstart" on fat burning and weight loss and do not have much time. You train 30 minutes a day where you build up and balance your body for maximum results and posture.

CROSS SHAPE 28 is an intensive program for you who have trained before and do not have much time and want maximum fat burning. 1-5 minutes: Warming up at a leisurely pace. 6-23 minutes: The training phase where all exercises are done at maximum pace. 

Since the start in 2011, World of Shape has helped over 50.000 people lose weight and get in shape in just 30 days - now it's your turn!

BODY SHAPE BY LENA is the program for you who want to get a "kickstart" on fat burning, weight loss and have limited time. Tight & Light! You strengthen, build and balance your body for maximum results and posture.

world of shape

THE FITNESS FIGHT is our most popular program and is for you who want to get a "kickstart" on fat burning, weight loss and firmer body. Same program as Kick-Start 30 but here you train 60 minutes instead of 30. 

world of shape

BUTT BLASTER is a 22,5 minute program that is for you who want to train effectively, want to focus on getting firmer and harder buttocks, tighter thighs and flatter stomach.

MOTHER SHAPE is specially developed for you who are pregnant or a newborn child. The exercises are easy to perform and very effective. It is a mixture of strength exercises and short cardio sessions. The first few days we start calmly so that you will find your muscles back.

RUN-4-FUN is the program for that you like to run / jog and want to lose a few kilos. Run-4-Fun is an effective way for you to get started quickly and get results. 

EZE-WALKING is for you who like to walk, want to get fitter, increase your well-being and lose a few kilos in weight. You strengthen your body with minimal strain for maximum results. 

SLIM AND TONE is the gym program for you who want to get hard in the body, get a kick start on fat burning and weight loss. Suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight, get hard in the body and get a flat stomach in 30 days. 

world of shape

BIG AND STRONG is the gym program for you who want to get bigger, more visible and harder muscles. You work out in the gym with gym machines. The session is about 60 minutes long.

YOGA SHAPE is for you who want to get increased mobility and flexibility, learn to relax and reduce stress, increased torso stability and better balance while losing weight.

WOS GOLF is the program for you who want to improve your physical opportunities to become a better golfer. It is perfect for you who are a beginner or intermediate golfer and want to lower your hcp by increasing your basic strength and mobility / agility!

world of shape

MY-BEST-SHAPE is a 30-day continuation program for you who have already run Kick-Start or have trained a lot. The program includes fitness, strength and core training. The exercises are both functional and effective.

MOM-SHAPE COMBO is a 60-day program specially developed for you who have given birth in the last three years. The first few days we start calmly so that you will find your muscles back. We change an exercise every day so it never gets boring.

BEACH is a mixture of strength exercises and short cardio workouts. For the first 30 days, the program focuses on cardio training and fat burning. Day 31-60, the program focuses more on muscles and shapes the body. In total, you get 70 different exercises.

world of shape

STAY-IN-SHAPE 180 is our most effective continuation program for you who want to train 3-4 times a week. The program includes fitness, core and strength exercises. With this program you get lasting and long-lasting results!

SUMMER SHAPE is perfect for the holidays! We help you easily maintain your shape and avoid gaining weight. You train 10 minutes (simple exercises) per day that you can do wherever you are; in the summer cottage or at the campsite and then walk a total of 30-50 minutes per day.


- Firmer butt
- Flatter stomach
- Narrow waist
- Reduce weight and fat percentage
- Change in your body shape
- Reduced stress
- Increased fat burning
- Better and smoother mood
- Reduced sugar cravings
- Better posture
- Better muscular balance


- You train at home and only need an area of ​​2 x 2 meters
- You only use a couple of dumbbells
- You do not need a gym card or expensive exercise equipment
- No counting of calories - all recipes are already ready for maximum weight loss


- Already calculated and ready weekly menus / diet programs and shopping lists that show how much, what and how to prepare the food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)
- Over 450 low-calorie, good and easy-to-prepare recipes (normal / vegetarian / lactose)
- Access to 18 effective and unique training programs
- Effective and pedagogical exercises in video format
- Access to our closed Facebook group where all our other trainers are
- Support, support / chat and answers to your questions by our Personal Trainers
- Daily emails that help, coach and pepper you


Only SEK 299 for 30 days, then optionally SEK 99 per month. No fixation.

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